AMINCHI - Online regulatory software by INFO CARE

Working as a product developer, quality assurance manager, laboratory manager, production manager and looking for a reliable tool to create and manage product documents at your own workplace?

AMINCHI is the ideal online tool for medium sized and large companies to calculate, create and manage yourself:

  • - Safety data sheets.
  • - Labelling requirements.
  • - Cosmetic product information files (PIF’S).
  • - Workplace exposure and safety.


AMINCHI is INFO CARE’s online regulatory tool for chemical safety and is widely applicable for broad communication about your products between R&D, HSE, production and marketing.

This interactive online regulatory software tool is one of the most user-friendly and up-to-date applications and is supported by INFO CARE’s chemical regulatory specialists.    

Besides the possibilities to create (e)-SDSes, labels, Cosmetic Product Information Files (PIF’s) and make up-to-date calculations on workplace safety, you are getting access to:

  • - A database with unequaled detailed information about over 10,000 raw materials and over 200,000 chemicals.
  • - Consolidated legislative texts.
  • - Classification and labeling requirements.
  • - The latest news on legislation.


Your access to AMINCHI is based on a personal subscription. The online tool is safe, user-friendly and always available. The ideal solution for medium sized and large companies.

A growing number of satisfied customers is already using AMINCHI. Please contact our specialist if you would like to learn more about AMINCHI or if you are interested in a demo.