What information do I need to draw up a Product Information Dossier (PIF)?

You need: the complete composition of the product as it is made in the factory.

An (M) SDS of the product or a list of INCI names that show the composition of a product is not sufficient.

You need: a description of the properties of the product, the label, the manufacturing method (you must demonstrate that the product has been manufactured according to GMP) and much more. What exactly more depends on the type of product. A powder will not go moldy but can be microbiologically contaminated; something must be done with that. For a product which claims ‘against wrinkles’, you must justify the effect. This is not necessary for a bar of soap. Everyone knows what a piece of soap does.

We can only advise you to contact specialists. Whether you want to do this with us or elsewhere, the most important thing is detailed advice, to prevent incompleteness of your file.