Are you working with chemicals on a factory site, in a factory, in a laboratory or in a warehouse? Your workers might be exposed to chemicals.

To protect your workers, Dutch Working Conditions Act (so-called 'Arbo-wetgeving' 89/391/EEG) requires you to determine the exposure of workers to chemical substances.

This legislation requires from you to know all your chemicals, to make risk-analyses of all workplaces and an assurance on all these abovementioned data for the future.

INFO-CARE is your independent specialist and your partner to fulfill the requirements of the ‘Arbo-wetgeving’ (Dutch Working Conditions Act) and is able to carry out an Exposure Safety Assessment per chemical, per workplace. 

This Exposure Safety Assessment comes together with your personal access to our online Regulatory software AMINCHI, which enables you to manage your own chemicals and get an automated continuous update of your chemicals and risk-analyses through: 

  • - Chemical safety cards
  • - Workplace instruction cards
  • - Personal protective equipment
  • - OELs and DNELS


Safety for your workers is the most important of all.Please contact our specialist to get more information.